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Horizontal Drawer Systems

If a single storage bin designed to fit a freezer shelf is too large the other option is to have smaller bins that fit into horizontal outers. These drawers are smaller than storage bins and are better suited for storing small loose items but can also be used for cryoboxes bottle or jars. Horizontal and drawers are sold complete and are manufactured in aluminium or stainless steel.

There are many different options of design for a horizontal drawer system. All drawers come complete with a handle or hand grip for easy use and a label holder to identify the contents. Drawer systems can have any amount or size drawer depending on the requirements for the user. Drawers can have special features such as handles on each end to make transporting the drawer easier or have dividers fitted to organise items.

Aluminium drawer systems are available with different coloured handles which include as black, red, gold, blue and purple to help differentiate between drawers.