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Chest Freezer Racks

Vertical cold stores come in many different designs and sizes the most popular design is to store cryoboxes, they are available from aluminium or stainless steel. All standard verticals have solid sides or a wraparound body for increased strength there are holes in the back of the unit to push the cryobox out. Verticals are fitted with a fold down handle to allow easy access to remove the unit from the chest freezer.

There are different handle designs depending on what is required, a fold down is the most common and available in a 90-degree version to allow more space for the user to access the handle when wearing gloves. Fixed handles are also available which are always in the upright position, the disadvantage of a fixed handle is it can take up extra space within the freezer.

To find the vertical rack you require for your chest freezer please use the freezer reference guide or contact us for a quotation.

Freezer Reference Guide