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Cassette Frames

Cassette Frames

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Blood Bag Cassettes

Blood bag cassettes are also available, sold seperately. Please Click Here to view the range.

Cassette carriers are designed to hold blood bag cassettes in liquid nitrogen vessels. Use the drop down boxes above to select the blood bag you are storing and the Taylor Wharton vessel you wish to use. Please contact us for a quotation if you have a liquid nitrogen vessel from an alternative manufacture.

All racks have a handle on the top and are supplied with a lifting rod to easily remove the rack from the vessel, racks are manufactured from aluminium. These racks hold cassettes in single compartments, if you require a rack to hold a cassette not listed below or more than one cassette per aperture please contact us for a quotation. 

Cryogenic support frames are also available to hold racks in position these are recommend if the vessel is holding a larger quantity of racks. Racks have the option of plastic engraved numbered labels to be fitted to the handles to easily identify the required rack.

Rack layouts can be provided to show how many racks will fit in a preferred vessel.It is possible to mix the use of a vessel to hold cassette racks and cryobox racking.